Architectural design

Architectural designing – is one of our company’s lines of activity. In the course of our work we provide specialized documentation for a particular item of resdidential or non-residential property. The main purpose of architectural and building design – is calculation of the technical part, that is, development of plans and schemes for construction or reconstruction. Such documentation is an initial and indispensable stage of erecting a commercial or residential building.

There are at least five reasons why you should order an architectural design:

  1. An architectural sketch will let you see the future layout and the house’s facades. It will give you an idea of what the building will be like in reality.
  2. An original architectural design will show you the house’s style. With the aid of photorealistic visualizations you will get guarantees that the plan you have received meets your expectations. An individually tailored project will make it possible to materialize all the original ideas and dreams, first on paper and then in reality.
  3. Acceleration of the works on erecting the buildings and structures.
  4. Optimization of expenses on the facility’s construction.
  5. Obtaining of the construction permit.

These advantages of an architecture and construction design can be talked about only if it is professionally done. In other words, if its integrated development is taken care of by specialists who are knowledgeable in the Russian and global standards, use advanced software, and know how to interact with a customer.

The stages of designing

Before proceeding to the development of documentation, our staff members will ask you about the purpose of the facility, the budget, and some other aspects. Only after that they will sign the contract and proceed to implementing the main stages of the architectural design. There are only three of them:

  1. Developing the design sketch, including the general layout, the facility’s visualization, and façade drawings.
  2. Creating the working design that is comprised of architectural documentation.
  3. Preparing the explanatory note and the bills, which include the building’s main parameters, style, list of building materials, types of finishing, and many other things.

In their work, the specialists are guided by the current laws and regulations: SNiPs (the Russian building codes and regulations) and the town-planning legislation.

Development of a concept

The organization of architectural designing begins with choosing the performing company. Our staff members are ready to take the responsibility and to do all the works on a turnkey basis. At the stage of creating the concept, we demonstrate the outer appearance of the future facility in virtual format. The designers will make the required adjustments at the request of the customer.

At the next stage, we will prepare the design solution. This is documentation that is prepared based on the approved concept. It represents the floor-by-floor layout, the façade design, etc. Based on the architecture design developed, we will compile packages of the structural and engineering sections, which will then be handed over to the builders, and will also serve as the base for obtaining the permit from the competent authorities.

The cost of the works

For the completed building to meet your desires and ideas, and to be constructed with no unforeseen expenses, you should entrust the contemporary architecture designing to our specialists. They will listen to your wishes and take account of the current codes and standards to create the complete package of detailed documents. The cost of the architecture designing services will depend solely on the complexity of the facility and the scope of work.

To find out what the price is, please contact our architecture designing center. The bureau’s staff members will listen to your desires in the online mode, and suggest standard solutions or an individually tailored variant.

The time limits for developing an architectural and planning design, the same as its cost, depend on the facility’s size. To get more detailed information, please leave an application on our website or contact our consultants directly. We offer architectural designing in Russia, and are ready for international cooperation as well.

Why us?

Our company is contacted by clients who want architectural designing not only for detached country houses and residential buildings, but also for commercial facilities, both in Russia and all over the world. We have been operating in the market since 2005. During this time, our specialists have performed architectural urban planning for more than 300 buildings and structures.

Our clients come back and recommend us to others, because we do our work professionally, and also: 

Do you have any questions? Please call our managers. They will give you a competent consultation and explain to you in detail how to obtain a permit for construction or reconstruction.

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