Natural materials are used for façade finish
We love our work very much
Our designers are lecturers at a design school
Our design project is a book answering all the questions that may be asked by builders
We create the best architecture projects of the year
We operate all over Russia and the world
Project supply of furniture, light fixtures, sanitary ware at the best price
No abstractions - only existing objects = quick renovation
Development of country houses, residential complexes, residences, public buildings, cottage settlements.
Architectural lighting. Generat plot layout.
Vast experience, 400+ completed projects.
Exclusive interior design for apartments, country houses, public and commercial premises all over the world.
For the design not to remain just a selection of beautiful pictures, we develop it with consideration for the actual models of furniture, light fixtures, and sanitary ware.<br>
We organize supplies of all interior design items at the best prices.
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Дизайн интерьера и проектирование домов
Your interior can look like this All interiors
Interior design project of a apartment “Imperskiy Dom”  | Eclecticism / Eco style style | Portfolio of the Domoff Interiors design studio

« Domoff Interiors:» – we create original design projects for residential and commercial facilities

The Domoff Interiors interior art studio has worked in Moscow and the Moescow Region since 2005. During this period of time, our team has implemented more than two hundred premium-class projects in Russia, as well as in Germany, Austria, Tashkent, Kazakhstan. Owners of apartments and detached houses have become our clients. We develop exclusive concepts of VIP interiors for public establishments and commercial facilities, and offer architectural designing for different-purpose buildings and structures. Domoff Interiors — is not simply a metropolitan design studio but eighty of Moscow’s best designers, architects, and engineers.

The main stages of cooperation

The main goal of the «Domoff Interiors» — contemporary design studio is to arrange the space in such a way that it would be comfortable and pleasant to stay in. Another task we are faced with is to make the room ergonomic and convenient for leisure and work. To achieve the goals in view, the privately owned interior design studio has divided the project into the following stages:

  1. Getting acquainted. At this stage, our designers will find out what you would like to see the future space like. They will not ask you thousands of questions but catch the main concept and offer the most suitable variants for your approval.
  2. Conclusion of an agreement – means that the goals have been set, and the construction budget has been agreed. After that, our employees will visit your house to take the measurements, and proceed to the designing. The design agency specializes in offering layout solutions that have not been previously implemented, and optimally meet the customer’s expectations.
  3. Creating photorealistic 3D visualizations using 3D Max. They provide the visual demonstration of what the completed room is going to look like. This means that the customer will make timely corrections the project prior to the start of documentation development, if required.
  4. Making the drawings and forming the specifications in ArchiCad by way of creating an interactive three-dimensional model of the facility in accordance with the BIM (Building Information Modeling) design codes. This makes it possible to hand over all the required documentation to the builders and avoid elaborating the details hundreds of times in the course of the redecoration.

The best art studio for elite design offers both interior arrangement services and designer’s supervision. After concluding a separate agreement for cooperation, we are ready to do the procurement and the actual construction. Our studio for professional design can also arrange the rooms with decorative elements. We suggest solutions that allow us to implement an individual approach to each client in fact rather than in word.

Who we areOur team
The Domoff Interiors company is a design studio specializing in exclusive, individually tailored projects.

We create designs of residential interiors, this is a special and important page of our portfolio. Another area of our activity is creation of architectural objects, from a 3D model to the handover of the keys.

The creation of a design requires us to have not only professional skills but also emotions that we put into each project. The functions, comfort, and beauty — we take all the components into consideration. Domoff Interiors — this is 10 years of experience and 80 professional designers, architects and engineers.

The areas of focus

The architecture & design company offers an unlimited number of variants for premise interiors. Eventually we will together find the decoration option that will become the most suitable one for you by the style, ergonomics, and layout.

The premium interior design studio offers solutions for:

  • interior design for detached houses and apartments. Our specialists work with residential properties with different square area. The designers develop creative ideas both for spacious city apartments and for VIP class countryside cottages;
  • decoration for commercial buildings and public establishments. Our customers are the owners of shopping centers, restaurants, beauty parlors, etc. The elite interior design studio delivers its services at a professional level, with an individual approach guaranteed for everybody;
  • architectural designing of buildings and structures. Our portfolio on the official website presents original works that have already been implemented in Russia and in other countries. We are ready develop architectural documentation for a residential or nonresidential construction facility of any complexity level.

Our design agency has earned an impeccable reputation in Moscow. We have operated since 2005, offering the services of VIP designing for houses and apartments. We have clients contacting us who are interested in standard projects and express projects. But the best architecture & design bureau in Moscow places the main emphasis on development of unique interiors.

Our guarantees

We create elite designs of residential interiors. This is a special and important page in our portfolio. Another aspect of our activity is development of architectural objects from a 3D model till you have the key in your hands. We are guided by the following principles to get the maximum possible result:

  1. Quality – is a criterion that is of paramount importance for us. We think through every design down to the last detail, and check every drawing down to one millimeter.
  2. Multilevel control. We guarantee that the completed building will sustain all loads,  and will also provide you with a competent calculation of the necessary budget before the start of the works.
  3. Individual support at all stages of our cooperation. If a manager takes on a project, this person will be responsible both for its creation and for its further implementation.   
  4. We count every ruble. The distinctive feature of cooperation with us is that the total price will include only those square meters, which we are developing the project for. In addition to that, there is a flexible pricing policy for regular customers.
  5. The design studio implements projects on a turnkey basis. Irrespective of the size of the facility and its purpose, we are ready to design the interior or to develop the architectural design, and to complete the works exactly within the specified time limits.

Creation of a design project requires from us both professional skills and emotions that we invest in every project. Functionality, comfort, and beauty — we take account of all the components.

Please call us or write to our consultants to start cooperation with our design studio, or to order a schematic design. To meet the head of our company in person or to find answers to your questions, please come to our office located at: 67 А, Zhukovka Village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow.