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Over 200 projects
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European Property Awards
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Facility construction management is a bundled service that allows for entrusting the performance of construction to professionals, for spending and controlling to maximum effect the money and time allocated for the facility’s construction.
The customer service is formed for the purpose of organizing construction and repair works, it makes provisions for all the necessary actions related to and aimed at high-quality construction, and for representation and upholding of the Customer’s interests at all stages of construction and design project implementation.

The service of facility construction management does not imply delegating the performance of works to our own team, which is an exclusive approach to organization of construction and repair works.

Another exclusive peculiarity of our approach to the customer service’s work is open pricing. All discounts associated with long-term cooperation with many contracting organizations are handed over to the Customer, the tender evaluation tables only contain the contractors' cost parameters with account of the discounts granted.


To start with, the schedule of works is made which takes into account the structural separation of the total volume into professionally directed components, singling out construction and installation works according to the sections of utility system projects, finishing works, and supervised installation work package.

Contractor selection

The customer service performs a search for potential contractors by tender, delegating the technical assignment for the construction and repair works’ stage both to proven performers and to new candidates with a suitable level of quality.

Tender evaluation table

The Customer receives the result in the form of a tender evaluation table with indication of the contractors’ technical and economical parameters, based on which they decide who to hold a meeting and conclude a contract with.

Project management from Domoff Interiors is:

  • Compilation of and control over the time schedule and the financing plan,
  • Organization of optimal and efficient simultaneous work of related and contracting enterprises,
  • Information exchange management in the project,
  • Communication between related and contracting enterprises,
  • Weekly control over the volumes of work performed,
  • Analysis of overpricing and unforeseen expenses,
  • Execution of the necessary documents and pass cards in order to provide the facility with materials and equipment,
  • Organization of operational meetings on the current construction issues,
  • Signing work completion certificates, keeping construction logbooks,
  • And many other things as well! – Here are just some of the responsibilities that are taken away from the Customer and fully fulfilled by the construction management service.
The Customer only makes the selection of the important construction stages, and is provided with a cross section of the results in the form of reports on the work progress and the facility's budget expenses.

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