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The group of companies Domoff Group began its activity in 2001 as an architecture and design bureau. From the first day of its existence, the company entered the market as a big player among architects and designers engaged solely in from the point of view of their floor area and the complexity of works to be performed.

The repertoire of the Domoff Interiors architecture and design area of activity of the group of companies Domoff Group includes quite a few completed projects, from small and cozy houses with a total area of 200 sq. m and more, to luxurious mansions and residences from 1000 sq. m.

In 2006, it was decided to start another area of activity for the company: producing facades of natural stone. Such a decision was made by the company’s management after they found out that their clients wanted good, high-quality facing for their houses with natural materials. The project was launched, and the company quickly occupied leading positions in the field of manufacturing facades of natural stone.

In September 2012, the group of companies Domoff Group launched another successful project, the DG HOME online store with furniture and objects of décor presented in it that are very popular with the buyers who are concerned with the inner beauty of their home and the possibility to express their individuality with the aid of interiors and competent decoration.

The plans of the group of companies Domoff Group include the implementation of another startup in the Internet space, as well as keeping a high level of quality when performing their works in the field of architecture and interior design.

The philosophy of Domoff Group and all of its areas of activity is the idea of creating a house where your individuality is expressed, where your dreams live, and the greatest moments of your life are kept carefully.

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