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Over 200 projects
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European Property Awards
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The construction process makes it necessary to select a great variety of finishing materials. Keeping track of each of them is an important part of the entire process.


Adequate project implementation is not possible without timely supplies. We prepare financial documentation for each service or product.


We cooperate directly with worldwide renowned factories, and with their representative offices in Moscow.


To save your time, we perform full monitoring of the materials delivered in accordance with the schedule of construction works.


We pprovide designer’s supervision to ensure precise execution of the project.


You get fully transparent statements at all stages of project implementation. We select the best options for your approval. For each item, you always have a choice of the final variant of several ones that we had selected in the most thorough manner. We deliver furniture, light fixtures, sanitary ware, carpets, and accessories for our facilities. The products are ordered fr om catalogues, we provide samples of finishings and upholsteries, it is possible to have a customized sample made. The order time depends on the factory, normally it is 90 to 120 days exclusive of the periods when factories are closed in August and December.


We can both track our deliveries and interact with the suppliers chosen by the Customer for their deliveries. Delivery and assembly at a convenient time. Monitoring and checking of specifications Logistics and customs clearance Product acceptance at the site Preparation of complaint letters

Our work experience and the great number of projects we have completed make it possible to build stable relations with proven producers and suppliers of all items required for the implementation of a high-quality customized design project in any market segment.

Completion of a facility with high-quality finishing materials is necessary at all the stages of construction, from wall preparation to furnishing and hanging of curtains:

  • The use of substandard materials at the initial stage of construction may cause irreparable damage to the quality of wall finishing,
  • Delays in the supply may lead to downtime periods and exceeding the total deadline for facility commissioning,
  • Mismatched equipment with wrong technical characteristics may result in dismantlement works at the final stage of the renovation.

From the beginning of the facility construction, Domoff Interiors’ specialized service works on full supply of the site with:

  • pieces of furniture,
  • sanitary ware,
  • light fixtures,
  • decor,
  • finishing coatings for walls and floors,
  • wall finishing,
  • articles made from marble, and other necessary materials, by way of organizing direct supplies from manufacturing factories and plants.

The in-house logistics service and direct contracts with factories make it possible to provide the most competitive price and to exclude intermediaries' services. Handing over the existing discounts granted to Domoff Interiors by the suppliers to the Customer, as well as open pricing when preparing the price quotations, are a guarantee of the most favorable cost.

For example, the furnishing of a facility takes up a great part of the facility construction budget, therefore organizing a direct supply from the manufacturing factory with consideration for handing over to the Customer the maximum discount off the factory’s price list earned by long-term direct cooperation, makes it possible to exclude any extra charges and expenditures of a regional representative office, showroom or store, and to cut the total cost of the facility budget by 10% or more.

If the Customer delegates the facility procurement management to Domoff Interiors’ service, they will not have to go to showrooms and search for suppliers: all samples and possible materials will be brought to the Customer at a convenient time and to a convenient place, consultations and assistance will be provided to select the colors and textures of the finishing, samples and colorings of custom-made and individually tailored items will be produced and provided. 

Any styles, any degrees of complexity of the project, decorative elements from all over the world.

We begin with 3D and end with control over the execution

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