Interior design of apartments

To create a luxury class apartment or an ergonomic interior it is necessary to have a design project for the apartment. This is a package of 3D visualizations and drawings that will help you get an idea of what your future home will look like, and then — inplement all these ideas in practice.

A completed design project of an apartment makes it possible to perform the zoning competently, to think out every smallest detail; the square area and the initial state of the property are of no importance, we are ready to design a rich interior in a newly erected building or after the replanning of a secondary real estate market item. More than two hundred completed projects, and five years of successful operation in Moscow’s market allow us to say with confidence that we can create an exclusive design project for a studio apartment or a luxury apartment. All you have to do to order a design project is contact us by phone or come personally to our office.

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The primary goals of professional apartment design

There are at least five reasons why you should use our bureau’s services:

  1. Cozy layout. The designer’s experience and professionalism will make it possible to use the space of your apartment with maximum efficiency. A comfortable and cozy interior can be created both in a newly erected building and when renovating an apartment with a half-century-long history. Our designers will help you find the perfect layout, correctly position all the necessary rooms, and take a fresh look at the existing space.
  2. Adequate zoning. This is a layout that will let you create a harmonious interior in a studio apartment or help efficiently use the floor area of a spacious apartment. The designer will tell you how to correctly position the dressing room area in the bedroom, or suggest variants of an unconventional design for the dining room. We use every square meter efficiently.
  3. A unique solution. Our knowledge of European traditions, and the use of innovative materials and original ideas will help us implement an offbeat and stylish interior of the apartment. Taking account of your wishes and using the accumulated experience, we will create an original design which you would love to live in, as it will become a true reflection of your individuality.
  4. Ergonomics and comfort. When developing an apartment interior, the designer takes account of the owner’s age, interests and hobbies, as well as how much time the inhabitants spend at home. This allows for selecting individually tailored solutions both for the entire family and for each member of it individually. 
  5. A turnkey design project of an elite apartment. The main advantage of cooperation with professionals is — the possibility to get the full package of documents necessary for the construction and for the further interior completion.

We are ready to provide you with an individually tailored layout with consideration for the facility’s budget. Please contact our company’s staff to get a turnkey elite apartment design.

The list of documentation

When you need apartment design services, you ought to know exactly what you should demand from a specialist. The result of your cooperation with our company will be a 3D visualization and a package of drawings, which include:

  • partition layout plans;
  • diagrams of ceilings, floors and walls;
  • detailed plans of furniture and décor layout;
  • positioning and tie-in of light fixtures, domestic appliances, and other electric equipment;
  • location plans of sanitary ware, ventilating grills, service hatches, and other utility equipment;
  • location diagrams of curtains, plaster articles, doors, and many other detailed specialized drawings and specifications.

After this information is processed, the designer will offer you layout solutions, а ad photorealistic 3D visualizations and virtual tours will let you see what the complete design project will be like after the apartment is replanned and the most suitable variant is selected. Based on this documentation, we will select the building materials, and the construction company will perform the necessary works.

The stages of development

The development of a new design for a city apartment includes five steps:

  1. Meeting and getting to know the designer, discussing the layout, the budget, and the client’s wishes.
  2. Taking measurements of the premises and signing the contract.
  3. Developing the planning solutions and the design concept for a nonstandard apartment when replanning is developed.
  4. Creating photorealistic visualizations of the premises.
  5. Preparing the drawings and specifications for an artist-built layout.

At the customer’s request, we can perform the completion of the apartment and supervise the construction under a separate contract.

The cost of the works

A customized apartment design — is a package of services that includes development of drawings and 3D visualizations. But the specialist’s main task is to — feel the client’s mood, and to create a sketch that will meet the desires to the maximum. In order to select the apartment interior correctly, it is necessary to decide on the facility’s budget.

Our specialists will perform the design for an expensive apartment or suggest a cost-effective variant. In any case, the cost of the design project development services is calculated per 1 square meter of the premises being designed. When the calculations are made, account is taken only of the floor area that the specialists will work on, exclusive of any service and utility rooms, such as storerooms and balconies.

Our advantages

Please turn your attention to our company when you choose a studio to prepare a design project for a rich apartment. We have successfully completed more than two hundred projects in Russia, and also cooperated with clients from Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Our customers come back and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances because we:

  1. Offer original ideas for your particular facility.
  2. Develop drawings and plans with millimeter accuracy.
  3. Offer photorealistic 3D visualizations where furniture is displayed in real-life decoration and matches the budget of the facility.
  4. Develop turnkey apartment designs in newly erected buildings and in the secondary real estate market items.
  5. Strictly comply with the timescales.

So what is the price of a design for a standard apartment in Moscow? Call our consultants if you haven’t yet found an answer to this question. When you meet them in person they will show you examples of luxury apartment interiors in Moscow’s RCs, and help you order a schematic variant.

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