Interior design of commercial premises

We design commercial real estate items for any budget!

The development of a commercial building interior solves three issues: it allows for creating a convenient and practical space, prevents the occurrence of errors when designing the premises, and demonstrates the end concept before the start of the renovation works. In this way, the owner can see what the completed facility will be like, know what its commercial potential is, and what to demand from the contractor.

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Our main goals

Our studio has created architectural designs of shopping facilities in Moscow since 2005. During this time we have performed more than a hundred original designs. Our services are popular with owners of large companies and private offices, restaurants and stores, health care centers and beauty parlors. Customers contact us in order to have such a commercial property interior created where visitors will be eager to come back to.

We are guided by these four principles when implementing the assigned task:

  1. We provide for the facility’s functionality.
  2. We create the conditions necessary for the staff to deliver high-quality customer service.
  3. We think through an attractive environment.
  4. We develop commercial facility interior designs with consideration for the specifics of the institution’s clients and visitors.

The designer’s task – is to combine all of these nuances in one project. And in order to accomplish this, they have to think through the peculiarities of the process, to take account of the premises’ technical parameters, as well as the details associated with the business activities that will be carried out there.

The main stages

Designing commercial facilities on a turnkey basis – is a labor-intensive process that requires professional knowledge, focus on a particular facility, and time. For the end result to meet the client's requirements, we have divided the whole process into 6 stages:

  1. Getting to know the customer and studying their needs, discussing the main concept and the wishes concerning the layout, the preferred style, and other issues related to the project.
  2. Concluding a contract where all the provisions associated with the cooperation will be specified.
  3. Taking measurements in the premises.
  4. Creating layout solutions. Among other things, we offer replanning and development of original interior design ideas.
  5. Displaying photorealistic visualizations. The client will be shown in virtual form how real furniture fits into the existing decoration.
  6. Developing the drawings and specifications.

At the customer's request, our staff will take care of the completion and the designer’s supervision over the renovation works. A separate contract is signed for each service. This document serves as a guarantee of the fulfillment of our obligations within strictly specified periods of time.

What will the customer get

A design project for a commercial interior is comprised of 3D visualizations and the necessary drawings and diagrams. All documentation is prepared with the aid of contemporary software with an accuracy of a few millimeters. Visualizations are performed in 3D Max, and drawings in ArchiCad by way of creating an interactive 3D model of the facility according to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) design codes. This makes it possible to take account of all the peculiarities of the premises and to develop a project that will meet the client's wishes to the maximum.

The specialist’s task – is to create a model that will be aesthetically attractive, economically efficient, and compliant with the requirements of the current legislation. Therefore the designer will think through the positioning and the operation modes of the engineering systems and manufacturing components with consideration for the fire safety rules, sanitary and environmental standards.

Not only do our project designers work at residential and nonresidential real estate items in newly erected buildings, but they also create visualizations for functioning institutions that have their own projects. We will take the old interior of the premise, do the virtual replanning, and show you the new result.

How to solve the issue of price?

Are you interested to know the cost of the works? We offer an individually tailored project to each customer. This means that a personal designer will create a concept for you that has never been implemented before. This is why the price of the completed project is to be discussed with each client individually.

Please note that we calculate the cost of the service per square meter. But it is only the working area that is taken into account when doing the calculations, – which the project is being developed for. In addition to that, we do not engage any intermediaries, therefore we offer a flexible pricing policy. There is a system of discounts for our regular and major customers, you can learn more about it during a conversation in person with the manager.

Work completion time

And the wrap-up question that every customer would ask is when the project will be completed. We do not give false promises, and strictly observe the quality of works, so we discuss each facility individually. You can contact our consultants to order designing of commercial premises and to find out the time limits for its realization. They will take account of your wishes, the square area, the peculiarities of the project, and other criteria, after which they will perform the calculations and let you know the total time limit.

Do you want to get a competently elaborated project? Entrust the matter to professionals. We have worked in this field for more than 10 years, successfully creating design projects for commercial premises with any floor area and purpose.

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