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Park Avenue
Floor area
483 m2
Year of completion
Eclecticism, Contemporary classics
Type of premises
Dressing room...
Dressing room, Living room, Kitchen, Hall, Recessed balcony, Bathroom, Bedroom, Anteroom, Sundeck, Terrace
Moscow/Moscow Region
Floor area
180 m2
Year of completion
Contemporary, Loft
Type of premises
Living room...
Living room, Staircase, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Nursery
Moscow/Moscow Region
Floor area
183 m2
Year of completion
Type of premises
Bathroom, Living room, Hall, Bedroom
Moscow/Moscow Region

Why do you need a design project for your townhouse, and what does it include?

Designing – guarantees that the client will get the result in the end that they can see in the picture. Turnkey development of the design makes it possible to avoid any alteration works during the implementation of the idea, thus eliminating unnecessary expenses. Here there are a photo-visualization and a package of drawings, which constitutes the plan of actions. The company will provide the customer with a picture of the future layout for a clear understanding of the result. A completed design of a townhouse requires the following actions to be performed in advance:

  • to prepare drawings with consideration for the number of floors, delineation of zones, the presence of windows and an entry unit;
  • to determine the style solution;
  • to present the solution in 3D format.

The presence of a plot of land near the house is taken into account too. The client can see a photorealistic visualization of the interiors at the stage of development, which allows them to get a clear understanding of what the construction result will be like, and to make corrections if necessary without any financial losses. A design solution implies that account will be taken of all the peculiarities of the premises, and the customer’s wishes and requirements. The perfect variant is selected with consideration for convenience and comfort, the experience, the lifestyle, and the wishes.

When doing the work, the designer pays special attention to the smallest details. Be it a contemporary interior, or classics, or hi-tech, it will meet all the wishes. The client will get it together with a stylish and practical idea. The interior styles in a townhouse can be very various.

The main stages of development

It is necessary to order a townhouse design in order to avoid making mistakes in the process of erecting the structures and finishing. The solution is comprised of a number of stages. A design project will include the following:

  • preparing the technical assignment;
  • a visit to the site where the townhouse interior design will be used;
  • developing and designing the interior with the aid of photovisualization;
  • developing the package of working drawings;
  • procurement and completion;
  • the construction works;
  • the fine finish and decoration.

The client will get the interior project in as short a time as possible — the solution will be individually tailored and exclusive.

The cost of works

The prices for an interior inside a townhouse vary depending on a number of factors. These can be the peculiarities of the premise, the floor area of the facility, the style solution.

The service involves a high level of creating the working drawings for the design, which is a guarantee of quality. Whether it is a contemporary style design, minimalism, or hi-tech, the works will be performed seamlessly and promptly. Our vast experience in architecture and design allows us to materialize even the most challenging ideas.

The cost is fully justified, as the result is that the client gets an elite interior.

How are we different from the others?

The Domoff Interiors company offers townhouse design projects in Moscow on favorable terms. Here is what we will do:

  • perform the interactive 3D visualization at once, which positively affects the timelines, and allows the client and the designer to gain understanding;
  • use different variants of furniture, light fixtures, and appliances;
  • present detailed projects;
  • offer only competent solutions to our clients
  • pass the existing discounts on to the client.

The company takes orders both in the Russian Federation and all over the world.