Design project of a cottage: Your unique and unparalleled house

A cottage interior design  developed by our staff – is a beautiful 3D visualization of your country house. In addition to implementing an individually tailored concept of a cottage, a concept of engineering solutions is developed to perform the renovation and interior decoration in accordance with the technical possibilities and your individual requirements. The specialists at the architecture & design bureau   Domoff Interiors create unique projects of cottage interiors that fully meet the customers’ expectations in terms of functionality, comfort, style, and status of the building.

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Developing the design of a cottage: the advantages for you

  • You will be able to choose the best variant of space layout for your cottage from the point of view of ergonomics, convenience, and functionality, which will let all of your family members feel comfortable in the new home;
  • We will help you calculate the tentative budget even before the start of the construction and decoration works, as well as optimize the expenses on buying the domestic appliances, furniture, and pieces of decor, thanks to the 3D visualization of the future interior and the drawings;
  • You will not have to spend your time on shopping trips in search for suitable materials for the renovation;
  • You will rest assured that the entire scope of works will be performed right on time due to the precise schedule of material procurement.

Interior and exterior designing: the main stages

Before going ahead with developing the design project, we will find out about your preferences through conversation, about your requirements to the functionality and comfort, and also specify some issues related to the future interior of the cottage. As a rule, at this stage we provide you with ready-made variants of cottage interiors for you to decide upon the style direction. After that, the cottage interior designer performs an in-depth elaboration of the technical assignment, which includes the following:

  • Preparation of a layout plan of all the rooms including utility and service spaces, with consideration for the house's location on the plot of land;
  • Layout of the interroom partitions, door and window apertures;
  • Selection of the design stylistics and the color scheme of the cottage room interiors;
  • Placement of the furniture, domestic appliances, and climate control systems;
  • Arrangement of service lines;
  • Identification of natural light sources and arrangement of light fixtures;
  • Selection of suitable construction and finishing materials, as well as accessories and décor elements, in accordance with the chosen style.

Expert preparation and implementation of the technical assignment is reflected in the computer 3D model, which allows you to see the future interior of your cottage. At this stage, the designer will also take account of the conformity between the styles of the interior decoration and the facade of the mansion and the cottage plot of land. Interior visualization is presented for approval by the Customer and elaborated based on their wishes by way of revision of the variant until it is fully compliant with their idea of a perfect interior.

The next stage of creating an interior design project for a cottage includes the development of detailed drawings, as well as laying down of specifications for the materials and equipment being used. This will help you perform high-quality renovation and avoid unnecessary expenses already in the process of construction. The design studio Domoff Interiors specializes in professional creation of turnkey-ready design projects for cottages, which involves preparation, coordination and approval of the full package of project documentation in compliance with the current building regulations and standards.

Distinctive features of elite cottage interiors

Every owner of a country house wants the interior to be not only convenient, practical, and comfortable to live in, but also original, individually tailored, exclusive, and expensive. It is therefore no wonder that our services of interior designing for luxury class cottages are popular with our customers. The idea of an elite cottage design comprises several aspects:

  • Using modern equipment, high-quality materials, innovations in the field of construction and architecture;
  • Finding a unique individual solution on the design of the interior and exterior finish for the cottage;
  • Adjusting all the interior elements to common stylistics specially developed for this particular project;
  • Provision of the highest level of functionality for each design element, such as the sanitary ware, light fixtures, household appliances, and other equipment;
  • Using furniture and light fixtures from leading manufacturers
  • Using original custom-built decors, built-in furniture and accessories;

Those customers who order elite cottage designs most often choose the contemporary classical style for designing the interior space. The contemporary classics is distinguished by the refinement and elegance of each detail, but all contemporary technological novelties, including the «smart home» system, will organically fit into this laconic interior that is not overladen with unnecessary items. The neoclassics style is characterized with light tones, spacious rooms, absence of bright and puffy ornaments and decors, practical but very high-quality and expensive furniture, natural finishing materials.

How much do we charge for a cottage design?

The cost of a cottage design depends on the project's complexity, as well as on the total floor area of the house. But if you use the services of our studio’s staff, this will let you steer clear of unnecessary and unplanned expenses or mistakes during the renovation. For instance, expert preparation of the design documentation for the cottage will optimize the construction costs, as well as enable you to have better control over the construction processes in accordance with the project. The specialists from your construction company in their turn will be able to understand all the work quality requirements with maximum accuracy and to observe them when performing the works.

We are sure that the result of your cottage’s renovation upon the design project developed by our agency’s specialists will not disappoint you!

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