Interior design for a house

Development of a house interior design project – is one of the important stages of materalizing your dream to create a cozy and comfortable, presentable and stylish living space. The house’s design must correspond to your status and standard of living, be reflective of your tastes, passions, and lifestyle, while being also functional, stylistically interesting, and including non-standard architectural and artistical solutions. The interior of your country house, developed by the specialists at Domoff Interiors, will become not only luxurious but also maximally comfortable for living.

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Custom-built original design of a house: is it a whim or a necessity?

Before proceeding to renovation and designing the interior arrangement of your countryside dwelling, whether it is a huge ancient mansion or a small cottage, you must have a clear understanding of the desired end result. Everything down to the last detail should be taken into consideration here – the stylistics, the color combinations, the necessary functionality, and only professional knowledge in construction and architecture, as well as vast experience, will make it possible to develop an exclusive interior design for a house with consideration for its peculiarities.

At the stage of designing, our designers will offer you several variants based on your ideas and desires. The smallest nuances are worked out, and most technical issues are solved, such as the location of utility networks in the premises, installation of climate control equipment and household appliances. A contemporary design of a detached house is performed with observance of all current architectural rules and regulations providing for safety, which makes it possible to save on the performance time afterwards, and also to minimize the probability of alteration works in the process of renovation. All that has to be done after the rooms’ design and the house’s interior decoration is approved, is to monitor the timely deliveries of the selected materials and the schedule of work performance.

What does a completed house interior design include?

When doing their work, our designers stick to an integrated approach to creating the concept of your home. The service of a turnkey-ready design project of a house that is offered by our company does not only involve 3D illustrations of the beautiful picture drawn in your imagination, but also a full package of technical and design documentation:

  • Plan of your house with utility networks, layout of the living room, bedrooms, nurseries and other rooms, interroom partitions, door and window apertures;
  • Diagrams indicating the location of sanitary conveniences and utility rooms;
  • Diagrams of functional zoning, as well as of furniture arrangement, light fixture positioning, finishing of the walls and ceilings, flooring materials with consideration for the building regulations;
  • Construction materials and repair;

What is the price for the services of a house interior designer?

The cost of your house’s interior design is calculated by us on an individual basis and depends on the level of complexity and the specific peculiarities of the facility, and the degree of elaboration of the design documentation. The more documents there are in the design project of a detached house’s interior decoration, the better the end result will match the initial idea, and this means that the final price of the renovation will not differ much from the cost estimation. We will perform only the necessary works on the arrangement of your living space, with no additional, unforeseen, and hidden expenses that might occur already in the process of project implementation.

The most highly demanded styles of interior design for a luxury class house

Having a vast experience, our company’s specialists can create an interior design for a residential building in different style directions, from the futuristic hi-tech to the intellectual art deco and the magnificent baroque. Over the last years, the following style directions have been most popular:

  • The classical style, with a graceful blend of the refinement of expensive decoration and elite furniture, the beauty of bass-reliefs and stucco moldings, the luxury of antiques and ancient things;
  • The minimalistic style, austere and laconic in all details – with a monochromous color palette, decorations made predominantly from glass and metal, the use of hi-tech utility systems and equipment;
  • The eclectic style where state-of-art and traditional materials, as well as the most varied textures and decors, are harmoniously combined, where simplicity and originality do not contradict with each other.

The main stages of developing the design project for your house are:

  1. Preparing the diagrams of all rooms, both inhabited and utility ones;
  2. Creating the schematic design of the layout, with consideration for the stylistics, the color scheme, the furniture, and the finishing materials used;
  3. Developing the working design based on the approved schematic design, with indication of material specifications, with detailed construction plans;
  4. Designer’s supervision over the compliance of the works being performed with the approved design.

An elite design of the house’s interior: what are the advantages?

Exclusive interior designs are ordered from our company by those people who, always striving to improve their quality of life, demand higher standards of the decoration of their living space. The following characteristics of an elite house interior should be noted:

  • Maximum reflection of the house owners’ lifestyle, emphasis on their individuality and social status;
  • Use of uniquely designed furniture sets and exclusive designer materials;
  • Combination of unprecedented functionality, ergonomics, and comfort.

Why should you order the design of your house from us?

  1. Our designers have a good command of all interior design styles, and are always aware of new trends, which allows them to easily and harmoniously combine different style directions to create a really unique and unparalleled interior for your house;
  2. We cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality construction materials, elite furniture, and exclusive decor articles, so we can offer you variants of room decoration and furnishings at a real, and not unreasonably high, price;
  3. Our specialists will make an accurate calculation of the budget for the house interior;
  4. We always set specific time limits for the works and guarantee a predictable result.

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